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The Blue Water Concepts Advantage

Blue Water Concepts provides all of its clients with the advantage of working with a designer that IS also their general contractor. We design our own structural and architectural drawings ourselves and handle everything from start to finish. Creating the architectural and engineering plans required for obtaining a permit and then building from those plans ourselves, creates a seamless construction process that is truly unique. We can translate your dreams onto paper and into reality, lending insight that only a designer and general contractor has by combining two areas of expertise to facilitate the overall experience and reduce the stress and headache that can come when dealing with the wrong people. After years of working in the Sea to Sky Corridor, we have come to work with only the best engineers and subcontractors who will contribute top quality craftsmanship to your projects.

There is a better way to build.

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Carriage/Laneway House

One of the most common builds as of recent in the Sea to Sky corridor is the carriage or laneway house. A great way to maximize the potential of your property is to add a smaller dwelling onto the property, either for your mother in law, as a rental suite for additional income, a garage, a workshop, additional storage or a combination use space. Trust Blue Water Concepts to help you design and build that income property you’ve been thinking about or the perfect outbuilding to meet all your needs.

Architectural/Interior Design

Not sure how to get your ideas on to paper? Interested in making a few changes to your home but not sure where to start? The first step is getting in touch with our design team and letting us get to work, giving you options, breaking down the possibilities and turning your visions into a reality. Whether it’s a Passive House, renovation or new build design, we can help. Our designers take the time to listen to your needs and wants, taking into account your budget and working with you to ensure a design that fits your lifestyle. Our attention to detail, attentiveness and ease of communication help ensure you feel connected throughout the process.

New Home Builds

Looking to build your dream home? We can help. Whether you are looking for a fully certified Passive House build or simply looking to adopt best practices for a new home, we can get you there from design to move in and everything in between. Work with our in-house designer to get floorplans and elevations onto paper and Blue Water Concepts will take your project through the permit process for you. We work with the engineers and the planning department to make sure the project follows local bylaws and BC Building Code specifications.

Passive House Builds

Certified Passive House are the homes of the future, a building practice that is gaining traction worldwide. Building a certified Passive House adheres to the most rigorous international standards for energy efficiency, ultimately producing an incredibly efficient, hypoallergenic home that is basically so efficient you no don’t need to heat or cool it leading to a very low ecological footprint. As energy costs rise, home owners and builders alike are turning to more resilient, comfortable and healthy interior environments. Mike Vancapelle is a certified Passive House certified Consultant as well as a Passive House certified Tradesperson assuring your project will be in expert hands so you can sleep better.

Passive House Consulting

Whether you are looking to build an energy efficient Passive House or are simply looking to adopt some of the Passive House Principals into your project, Blue Water Concepts can help integrate advanced products and technologies along with the design knowledge and expertise to get you going from the ground up. The key to designing and building an incredibly efficient building is working out the details from the very beginning. In order to achieve the Passive House standard, the principals need to be kept in mind throughout all design decisions as it really does come down to the details. As both a Passive House Certified Consultant and a Passive House Tradesperson, Mike Vancapelle will help you design a Passive House you can breathe easy about.


No project is too big or too small. The Blue Water Team has worked on all types of renovations, from remodels, to adding another story, a suite over the garage or simply a garage itself. Carefully and expertly we help you realize your dream home, one room at a time. Renovations can be some of the trickiest projects, sometimes you don't know what is involved until the walls come down. We help keep you in the loop, working with a qualified, knowledgeable team to efficiently and expertly tackle even the most difficult remodels and renovations.